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    Don't watch TV while running on the treadmill

    Release time:2020-06-23 17:57

    Seeing that many people say that the treadmill hurts the knee and hurts the knee, as far as the actual situation of the individual is, every time the treadmill is used for no more than 1 hour, it is impossible to get injured on the treadmill every other day after each run. The condition of the knee.
    If the knee is injured in this way, it is either not warmed up, or the weight is too high or the muscles are too weak, or it is caused by the deformation of the movement while doing other things while running on the treadmill. There is no fourth possibility beyond that. When running on a treadmill, you must not watch TV, and it is best not to listen to books or novels. Just listen to the music. Because you need to balance your body at any time on the treadmill, if you are distracted, the running posture will definitely not be correct. I watched too many people hold the PAD on the treadmill and watch while running, strongly disagree. At the same time, no choice can be made for the slope, blind choice of slope is easy to hurt the waist.
    Finally, there is a small detail that many people may not notice very much when running on a treadmill. That is, the knee should not exceed the toes. Many people will have a very serious body forward when running fast. To balance, you must increase the strength of kicking. This is actually a running method that hurts the knee. In general, the gym coach will arrange this training for HIIT for fat-loss newcomers, sprint for 30 seconds, and then 1 minute Go briskly, cycle 3 groups in this way, so that not only can there be a soothing process, but also the intensity will not be too high, and just a few minutes of variable speed running will take 1 day to alleviate the knee injury.
    Therefore, it is not a running opportunity that hurts the knee, but many people who use treadmill fitness think the treadmill is too intelligent, thinking that they can achieve their own weight loss and fitness goals as long as they run, knowing that there is no scientific and effective exercise plan, Even high-end fitness equipment is useless.