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    Welcome Guangdong Radio and TV Station to visit Guangzhou Bofit Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Release time:2020-10-27 19:55

     The reasons for the marketing of the epidemic have made people realize that life is so fragile and unbearable, and it has completely subverted people's health care concepts. In 2019, people will work hard to buy a house, buy a car, raise a salary, or get promoted, but they often ignore their physical health, lack of exercise, and their physical fitness will also decline.
    indoor fitness equipment
      We all know that many cured people have better self-immunity, which shows how important self-immunity is in the face of illness. How to improve your own immunity?
      The first is the diet. We must consume certain high-protein and fresh vegetables and fruits every day. These can not only supplement nutrition, but also help improve immunity and match the body's metabolic needs.
    indoor fitness equipment
      In addition, we must ensure regular rest and adequate sleep. Lack of sleep will cause our ability to resist external invasion and maintain the stability of the internal environment of the body to decline. Do aerobic exercise for about 1 hour every day. Due to the epidemic situation, it is recommended to exercise indoors. Exercise has a significant improvement on cardiopulmonary function and chronic diseases, which can effectively improve immunity.
    indoor fitness equipment
        Recently, Guangdong Radio and Television Station visited Guangzhou Buffett Fitness Equipment. We interviewed our general manager Xiao Zongzhong to mention that during the epidemic, the demand for indoor fitness equipment increased by nearly 60% compared with the previous year. The concept of is greatly improved.