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I think that starting in 2020, people will pay more attention to health-related issues for a long time in the future, whether it is active or passive, in the face of catastrophes, people will make sense to understand their related matters This is not only to prepare your mind, but also to be a preventive measure, because the greatest fear of mankind is unknown, and only by understanding the development, process and preventive measures of things can people face the difficulties calmly.

Life is about exercise, and physical exercise is even more important if you want to be healthy. Some scholars have pointed out that after going through physiological development, human males lose an average of 2.5 kg of muscles per year. These muscles are not disappeared out of thin air, but are lost by the human body. The endocrine system is naturally converted into fat, so many males will emerge by the middle age as a "general belly".

Some people feel tired of exercise, so they put forward the concept of health, saying that eat light, drink more tea, go to bed early and get up early... This is indeed an effective means, through a light diet and good Work and rest habits to improve your endocrine system. But this actually belongs to a permanent cure, because even if you guarantee that you can live like a repair every day, you can't avoid the transformation of muscle tissue, just reduce the average muscle loss of 2.5 kg per year to a few hundred grams.

Therefore, instead of thinking about how to live a clean-up day in the first year, it is better to think about how to increase your muscle mass through exercise or fitness. If you can't control the time to get up early every day to run or go to the gym, then it is better to choose some home fitness equipment to exercise in your spare time. 

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